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    We take great pride in our coffee and for good reason. Dulce Café’s signature blend is roasted by none other than Italian master roaster Luca Melioli who is the founder of Lino’s coffee. Mr. Melioli has more than 20 years of roasting experience. Our product is roasted in Parma, Italy and then shipped to our franchise partners globally.

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    Our signature sauces have received rave review and for good reason.

    Dulce Secret Sauce

    Our secret sauce is the original Dulce favourite. A creamy herbal sauce that is enjoyed on French fries, sandwiches and salads.

    Dulce Peri-Peri Sauce

    Peri Peri

    Peri-Peri sauce has its origins in Mozambique when Portuguese settlers took the bird eye chilli and created this mouth watering sauce. Dulce Peri-Peri sauce is the perfect balance between taste and spice with subtle garlic undertones. It is enjoyed particularly with chicken.

    Peri Peri Sauce

    Dulce Island Sauce

    1000 island

    A variant of remoulade and Russian dressing this light and creamy sauce has a mayonnaise base and includes a variety of secret seasonings and chopped vegetables that give it its unique taste. The sauce is enjoyed on sandwiches and salads.

    1000 Island Sauce

    Dulce BBQ Sauce


    Our BBQ sauce is a firm favourite amongst customers. It is a sweet yet subtle sauce with a hint of hickory and is enjoyed on sandwiches and beef dishes.

    Barbeque Sauce

    Dulce Prego Sauce


    Not to be confused with the Italian tomato sauce the Dulce Prego Sauce is a Portuguese inspired spicy sauce that is an excellent complement to beef dishes and sandwiches.

    Prego Sauce

    Dulce Tikka Sauce


    A full flavoured mild curry sauce with a subtle sweetness that is enjoyed on all meats, sandwiches and pizzas.

    Tikka Sauce

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    A Leader in the Hospitality Services Field

    We aim to lead the hospitality services field in high potential markets through the exchange of ideas with world class companies and individuals.
    We will provide structure and support to budding entrepreneurs in developing markets through our business, franchising and technology divisions that will help turn ideas and dreams into a reality.


    Mike Pullen

    Managing Director Mr Pullen has been at the forefront of the franchise industry in South Africa taking a little known café-restaurant brand Dulcé Café from 3 stores to over 60 in little over a decade. He has overseen the international expansion of the brand into the Middle East and continental Africa. He was previously a high ranking member of the Round Table network.
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    Steak and Strawberry Salad

    Steak and Strawberry Salad

    Mushroom Stack

    Mushroom Stack

    LaMed Salad

    LaMed Salad

    Fruit Platter

    Fruit Platter





    Chicken Sandwhich

    Chicken Sandwhich



    Calamari Salad

    Calamari Salad

    Eggs Benedict

    Eggs Benedict



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    Our Story

    The Dulcé Café story has its origins in Argentina when a young student by the name of Hubert Stempowski had his first taste of ice-cream in a parlour in Buenos Aires. He instantly became hooked on this frozen desert! Hubert decided this was he dreamed to do. But only a dream it was and Hubert continued his studies in engineering. He decided to do his final year of study at Wits University in Johannesburg and after graduation remained in South Africa. Hubert dreamed of moving to the more relaxed coastal areas of South African and finally decided that it was now or never.

    He packed his belongings up and together with his young family began the long journey from Johannesburg to East London. Driving in the dark Hubert took a wrong turn and when his wife Kathy awoke she found herself in Port Elizabeth and not in East London. Hubert a free-spirited man by nature took this as a sign and decided the family would settle in Port Elizabeth.

    He managed to build up a successful business but his initial dream of making high quality ice-cream was always on the back of his mind. An offer was made on his business and he realised that this was his chance.

    With the proceeds from the sale of the business Hubert immediately returned to the very same ice-cream parlour he had frequented as a youngster and begged the owner a man named “Cacho” to teach him the art of ice-cream making. The condition was that Hubert had to work in the store for free, 7 days a week for no pay. Hubert agreed and became obsessive in his pursuit to learn the secrets of this master ice-cream maker.
    Making ice-cream

    Making ice-cream

    He returned to South Africa after a gruelling 3 months and took with him all the knowledge he would ever need to own and operate a successful ice-cream parlour. He became obsessed with finding a name for the new enterprise when one day his wife suggested the name “Dulcé” which was the Spanish word for sweet and thus Dulcé was born.
    First Dulce Ice Cream and Coffee shop

    First Dulce Ice Cream and Coffee shop

    Dulcé ice-cream parlour opened for business in 1981 but a once in a generation event led to the business being forced to change direction. For the first time in over 50 years it snowed in Port Elizabeth and customers were obviously not interested in a frozen desert. Hubert did not allow this to get him down and he immediately added a hot coffee and food element onto the business and this is how Dulce ice-cream parlour became what we today know as Dulcé Café.
    Dulce in the papers!

    Dulce in the papers!

    Hubert opened a further 3 outlets at which time he decided to sell his company to the prominent Wilmot family. The Wilmot family hired a young dairy farmer named Mike Pullen whose reputation for prudent financial management and entrepreneurial ability they felt would be a perfect fit for their new acquisition.
    Dulce Ice Cream and Coffee in Rink Street

    Dulce Ice Cream and Coffee in Rink Street

    Pullen’s job was to expand the company via a franchising model that would allow it to compete on a national level. Within his first 5 years at the helm the company had expanded from 3 outlets to over 30 outlets in an industry that was not yet fully developed. At this stage Pullen decided that a management buyout would take the brand to even greater heights and his offer was accepted by the Wilmot family in 2002.
    Dulce Western Road

    Dulce Western Road

    From 2002 – 2013 the brand had exceeded targets and more than doubled in size, Pullen also assisted the brand in entering international markets with outlets opened in Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Ghana and Saudi Arabia.
    A franchise is born

    A franchise is born

    In early 2013 Pullen realised that it was the right time to separate the Southern African operations and the international operations. He sold the Southern Africa Dulce rights to world renowned rugby player and world cup winner Kobus Wiese and is now focusing on entering the Asian and Middle Eastern markets while Mr. Wiese will be the brand custodian for the Southern African market.

    Dulcé Café was just meant to be; a wrong turn after a long drive and a once in a generation snow storm shaped us into what we are today – a brand that is willing to take chances and willing to adapt to external influences.

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    Join us!

    The first Dulcé retail store opened in Rink Street in Port Elizabeth in 1984, and because of its success the concept was franchised.

    Opportunities together


    The first Dulcé Café was franchised in 1987 in Port Elizabeth. All of our over 45 Dulcé Café stores are currently franchised, and owned by owner / operator Franchisees.


      We are long standing members of the applicable Franchise Associations. This is a very important consideration when deciding to purchase a Franchise, as it gives a Franchisee many protective controls.

        Franchise Information

        For more information about becoming a franchisee, please click on the following link:

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        The Dulce Café & Restaurant brand offers a full menu with table service provided. This offering is found in shopping malls, high traffic streets, airports, high per capita suburbs.


        The Café concept is a grab and go limited service concept that provides ready-made meals such as sandwiches and pastries and has a coffee bar that serves our signature blend along with a selection of smoothies. This offering is found in university campuses, food courts at busy malls, airports, hospitals, government buildings, high traffic streets.

        Dulce Drive Thru

        The Drive Thru concept designed for customers on the go The offering is found on busy Highways and within the courts of well known fuel stations.
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        For franchising information or feedback as one of our valued customers, please feel free to contact us using the details on the left and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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